Design of wind turbines with wind-solar complementary LED street lights

Update:19 Jan 2019

Generally, the wind turbines with wind-solar complement […]

Generally, the wind turbines with wind-solar complementary LED lamps adopt five-blade wind wheels to achieve low wind speed start, the dynamic unbalances cancel each other out, and the operation is more stable and reliable, effectively solving the safety hazards caused by strong winds, unstable wind speeds and wind directions. The blade reduction ratio is reduced to reduce the force of the blade, ensuring smooth operation of the fan blade and reducing vibration and noise.

When the wind speed is less than the wind speed of the wind turbine, the fan cannot rotate. After the wind speed reaches the starting wind speed, the fan starts to rotate and drives the generator to generate electricity. The output power supplies the load and charges the battery. When the wind speed exceeds the cutoff wind speed, the wind turbine uses the speed limit mechanism to make the wind power generator run at a lower speed or stop at a certain speed to ensure that the wind power generator is not damaged.

The wind turbine with wind-solar complementary LED light optimizes the design of the stern rudder by optimizing the design of the tilt angle between the rudder and the rotating body, rationally designing the weight and distribution of the rudder, and optimizing the shape design. When the wind is small, relying on the rudder gravity to control the windward direction of the fan blades to achieve the purpose of low wind speed start, and control the axial center of the wind turbine shaft and the lamp shaft, and pass the space when the wind exceeds the rated wind speed. The appropriate adjustment of the angle side stern rudder makes the blade windward angle the most reasonable, in order to achieve the purpose of deceleration. The swing of the side stern rudder makes the wind turbine better and more reasonable to absorb wind energy and improve the safety performance of the whole system. When the wind speed is too large, the wind wheel will reduce the windward area and absorb less wind energy through the side deflecting rudder, thus avoiding the damage caused by the strong wind to the whole system.

Wind turbines used in wind-solar complementary LED lamps usually have a power of 300~500W. Wind turbines usually use permanent magnet direct-drive generators, which are composed of main engine, blades, hubs, main shafts, shrouds and tail rudder plates. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, good low-speed power generation performance, high reliability, convenient installation and maintenance, and the like.