Development of high power LED lamps and LED lighting market

Update:11 Feb 2019

The development of the LED lighting market is closely r […]

The development of the LED lighting market is closely related to the development of downstream industries, especially high-power LED street lamps. With the continuous improvement of LED performance parameters, the LED lighting market is gradually emerging, and the application field is more extensive, and the LED lighting market is gradually emerging.

First, LED downstream products will be gradually developed from high-power LED lights to indoor lighting, the industry will gradually subdivide

LED products can greatly reduce energy consumption, which is in line with the current development direction of national energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, with the support of relevant national policies, high-power LED street lamps have become the focus of local government infrastructure investment. However, with the continuous deepening of the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, the application of LED products will gradually change from government engineering to civilian lighting, and with the continuous development of LED industry, the industry will be gradually subdivided.

Second, the improvement of LED lighting chip luminous flux technology, the product power requirements are reduced

As the luminous flux of LED lighting products increase (luminous flux is the unit of luminous flux, the higher the luminous flux value per watt, the brighter the product), the power of the same lighting effect product will gradually decrease.

Third, LED drive power products are gradually developing towards modularization and intelligence.

At present, some high-power LED driver power products are still in the stage of constant voltage source equipped with constant current modules. With the improvement of customer requirements on product performance and appearance, constant voltage source products equipped with constant current modules will gradually be constant voltage constant. With the integration of stream-integrated modular products, products will gradually increase the effectiveness of intelligent control.

Fourth, the market is mainly based on the domestic market, and gradually changed to international

Because high-power LED power supply is mainly used in public lighting such as street lamps, tunnel lamps, landscapes, etc., due to the impact of the international financial crisis and the European and American debt crisis, foreign investment and growth in the field of high-power LED lighting is limited, and the products are sold in the domestic market. Lord, but with the ban on incandescent lamps and the promotion of LED lighting products, the international market will gradually expand.