For COB light sources,the industry is generally optimistic

Update:22 Jun 2018

For COB light sources, as early as its birth, the indus […]

For COB light sources, as early as its birth, the industry is generally optimistic. However, due to the problems of poor early COB reliability, low light efficiency, large light failure, and high price, the marketing of COB light sources has not achieved a breakthrough. By 2014, this situation has been improved. The research and development of COB light source technology by domestic mainstream packaging plants has become more and more mature. The market is increasingly demanding for COB light sources, and the cost performance of COB light sources is becoming more and more reasonable. In the market, companies and businesses choose the COB light source is based on their own lamps set the lower limit of light efficiency, and then talk about the price. Low light efficiency, high prices, will not work.

Judging from the current market application, in the field of commercial lighting, orbital spotlights, ceiling lamps, MR16, and GU10 have begun to use COB light sources in their entirety; in the field of home lighting, flood lighting needs dominate, and only some COB ceiling lights and COB downlights will be selected. In the field of outdoor lighting, cast light mainly uses COB light source, 30W, 50W country road lighting street lamp, low demand, COB light source is being gradually adopted; Outdoor street light, tunnel light is currently mainly used single 1-3W power device or high power COB light source package format, the two are equally divided, but the proportion of COB is gradually increasing. In general, the application market for COB is mainly in commercial lighting, because this area needs to focus on lighting, highlight the objects being illuminated, and create a commercial atmosphere.

For the next development of COB light sources, the first is to ensure the performance of the product under the premise of the scale up, the price down; followed by the development of low-power to medium and high power; the last is the characteristics of the combined COB light source, supporting the development of more The light fixtures allow the COB light source to play its full role.