In the commercial space design project

Update:08 Jun 2018

In the commercial space design project, in addition to […]

In the commercial space design project, in addition to the outdoor exterior wall design requirements for led commercial lighting is very high, the indoor atrium LED lighting design, theater area LED lighting design, and entertainment sports venue lighting design are particularly important. Today we have a look at the stringent requirements of led commercial lighting design in the recreational sports area.

The led commercial lighting fixtures used in recreational sports areas generally use high-power led particles, and white light led particles currently use the principle of “blue chips plus light of yellow phosphors to produce luminous effects”. Although this process is mature, it actually has a natural defect. Due to the limitation of the luminescence principle, the color rendering index of this type of particle will basically be between 70-80, especially the R9 of the red spectrum part is even more negative. This is far from the specific requirements of commercial lighting led, and can not meet the high requirements, it will not be able to perfectly display the effect of goods and space design, will greatly reduce consumer experience.

It is an indispensable condition for producing visual perception, and it is also the basic factor of aesthetic form. A good lighting design aims at a clear spatial theme and personality, shaping a specific style, forming a kind of memory that can be awakened in people's minds, virtually emphasizing commercial features, guiding customers, and promoting business activities.

"The importance of lighting design is to attach importance to the promotion of goods. In the fierce market competition, it is an indispensable basic skill." For example, the display of merchandise in a store is not only the product's own brand awareness and design skill, but actually, At the same time, it is also showing the lighting designer's artistic inspiration, like a magical lattice, involuntarily "dramid".

In the design of commercial space lighting, the following principles should be followed: the overall lighting of the space and the layering of the local lighting; highlighting the light shaping of the merchandise; the light source showing the influence of authenticity; the wall surface is the appearance of the indoor glare affecting the visual viewing effect; Lighting color temperature comfortable degree of construction; pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving lighting; lighting heat treatment safety.