Global LED lighting industry in the ascendant green, high-end is the future direction of development

Update:04 Aug 2016

Whether the global or the Chinese market, from technolo […]

Whether the global or the Chinese market, from technology to application, in the green energy, the current lighting industry is in a revolutionary replacement period, incandescent will be eliminated. Therefore, with the strengthening of energy conservation and environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction issues continue to strengthen the world many countries and regions have introduced policies to support the development of LED lighting industry, LED lighting industry in the ascendant.


Global LED lighting development


LED in the nineties of last century can only be used as a light application, after the nineties, highlight InGaAlP quaternary red, yellow and GaN blue, white light device development success, LED applications began to be converted into lighting by the instructions, the main Applications include LED display, traffic lights, landscape lighting, mobile phone applications, automotive lights and so on.
LED lights do not contain lead and mercury and other harmful substances, no flicker, are green light, and the use of LED lighting can significantly reduce power demand, further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, governments continue to LED lighting policy support and promotion efforts, so that LED lighting industry into the fast lane.



Countries on the LED lighting industry support policies


With the government of LED lighting policy support and promotion, LED lighting products to promote the use of public lighting in the field of the first to start, LED lights, tunnel lights and other outdoor lighting market development faster. In addition, LED lighting products in some special areas have shown a unique competitive advantage, such as landscape lighting, portable lighting, small area lighting and other areas, and limited by the cost of home, office, shops, hotels, general lighting and other areas still Has not been widely popularized.


At this point, LED lighting market scale showing rapid growth year by year trend. In 2015, the global LED lighting market reached 29.908 billion US dollars, compared with 2014 growth of 14.81%. In the LED components to enhance the luminous efficiency, the price dropped to close to the traditional light source, and the overall design of lighting has matured, and gradually become the second choice of lighting, LED lighting penetration is expected to continue to enhance the expected 2016 global LED lighting market will reach 346.39 Billion dollars.


Overall, to replace the traditional light bulbs, LED lighting will be the next few years the largest application market. From the individual application point of view, including display lighting, commercial industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, lamp replacement, etc., will be the next few years LED lighting the most important application market, LED lighting market size there is still much room for growth.


Green, high-end is the future direction of development data show that the current lighting consumption of electricity accounted for 22% of the world's total power consumption, and the significance of green lighting, from incandescent to energy-saving lamps can reduce 80% power consumption, the replacement process is completed, the global Lighting energy consumption will be reduced to 17% accordingly. At present, the world are gradually out of incandescent, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps. China has also supported the development of new lighting technology to promote new products to promote the green development of LED lighting industry. However, the current green LED lighting industry in the early stages of development, and now the capital, talent and other types of resources into the speed of the expansion rate is greater than the industry expansion rate, due to lack of standard industry access threshold is low, a large number of enterprises into the green LED lighting market is not conducive to steady development. In addition to green, high-end LED lighting industry is also the main direction of development. Because 10 billion energy-saving lamps to 20 yuan dollars, but also 200 billion yuan, while the high-end intelligent lighting market, the data show that the next few years the market capacity will reach 200 billion US dollars, the gap between the high legislation.


But based on technology accumulation, brand and other factors, the current international semiconductor giants still firmly occupy the lighting industry, high-end market, domestic lighting companies to get a share, need to technology research and development, brand building, marketing and other aspects.