Standards on checking if the LED lighting is turning old

Update:24 May 2018

In general, as a green energy-saving LED lamp, if the d […]

In general, as a green energy-saving LED lamp, if the degraded performance test will appear to have some degree of instability before use, such as LED lighting in the use of environmental impact and non-standard operation, then the product will appear flashing lights, not lit, Bad lights and other phenomena make LED lamps not as long as expected.

In order to prevent and control the quality of LED, 100% of LED lamps need to be tested after aging. The main purpose is to test whether the LED is damaged in the assembly process and whether the power supply is stable under high temperature environment. Aging test has the flexibility in the actual operation, which can not only meet the relevant standards, but also improve the production efficiency. If there is no aging process, product quality cannot be guaranteed, and uncertainties will occur during the initial stage of the work, which will greatly increase the subsequent maintenance costs and safety accidents. In contrast, the product through the professional aging before the factory, do a good job testing, has improved the efficiency of lamps, and greatly increased the stability of the late work efficiency.

LED lighting test standards are divided into the following four types:

1, do a good job of driving power aging, impact and other related tests;

2, according to the LED batch, sampling light current decay test;

3, for the new development project products to do a full set of testing and aging testing more than 24 hours to assess the stability and service life;

4, for the mass production of products, routine full set of testing and 6-12 hours aging impact test.

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