Technical requirements for high-power LED street lamps

Update:31 Jan 2019

At present, LED lighting technology is becoming more an […]

At present, LED lighting technology is becoming more and more mature, and the efficacy of high-power LED light source has reached 80lm/W or more, which makes energy-saving renovation of urban street lighting possible. LED lights, especially high-power LED lights, are hitting the traditional street light market at a rapid rate. High-power LED lamps, as the name implies, are street lamps with a power of more than 30 watts and a new LED semiconductor light source.

The current standards for high-power LED lights are generally:

1. The conversion rate of light is 17% (1000W per square meter of solar energy, and the actual utilization efficiency is 170W).

2. At present, the street lamp lens material is an improved optical material with a transmittance of not less than 93% and a temperature resistance of -38 to +90 degrees.

3. Mainly used for LED light lens, the spot is rectangular, the material is PMMA optical material, the transmittance is not less than 93%, the temperature is -38~+90 degrees, and the anti-UV ultraviolet yellowing rate is unchanged for 30,000 hours.

4. The average illuminance of road illuminance uniformity is 0.48, and the spot ratio is 1:2.

5. Meet the road illumination.

6. Colors and other characteristics do not change due to dimming.

7. Adapt to humidity: no more than 95%.

8. Quality Assurance: 2 years.

Despite the rapid development of LED lights, the standards for LED lights are relatively lagging behind. In fact, the standards for LED lamps in different regions are different in the indicators. The LED lamps we have made must meet the requirements of the sales area in the standard. Therefore, the bidding LED lamp project should thoroughly study the local LED lamp standards. Will have a place in the fierce market competition.